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By Tod Olson with illustrations by Scott Allred & Gregory Proch (National Geographic, 2009)

How to Get Rich on the Oregon Trail, the second title in the three volume How to Get Rich series, follows another young adventurer West in the 1850s, as he chases fortune, skirts danger, and struggles to balance his ledger. Continuing the concept I created with my collaborators in How to Get Rich in the California Gold Rush, we delivered the book to our publishing partner, National Geographic, as a disk ready for prepress.

As in the other books in the series, How to Get Rich on the Oregon Trail is a witty and informative romp through one of the defining periods in American history, punctuated by dramatic examples of good and bad business decision-making.

. . . Informing Will’s impish sketches and wry journal entries is a wealth of information about life along the trail. . . An ongoing ledger calculates the family’s balance as it fluctuates from $10.70 to $3,021.70, but it’s clear that this journey is more about survival than riches. The illustrations, historical anecdotes, and run-ins with everyone from the Mormons to escaped slaves to Abraham Lincoln form a perfect blend of history and humbuggery.” —Booklist

Reviews: Booklist and School Library Journal.