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By Marc Aronson and John W. Glenn (National Geographic, 2007)

I wrote and also produced The World Made New: Why the Age of Exploration Happened & How It Changed the World with writer and editor Marc Aronson. This book was our first project together—the first time we would print “A Book by Aronson & Glenn” on the copyright page—and it was tremendously exciting to work on from beginning to end. No small part of the fun was our collaboration with the designer Jon Glick, of mouse+tiger, whose intelligence and creativity inform every page of this lavishly illustrated history reference for 5th–8th grade children.

We delivered the book to our publishing partner, National Geographic, as a disk ready for prepress.

Jared Diamond, author of the best-selling Pulitzer-Prize-winner Guns, Germs, and Steelvery kindly gave the book a great blurb, which we liked so much we used it on the front and back covers, and which I shamelessly reprint here:

This splendid, exciting, beautifully illustrated account of the Age of Exploration relates events so dramatic that they would have been dismissed as implausible fiction if they hadn’t actually happened. Don’t think of this as ‘just’ a book for kids: children’s parents will find it equally gripping and informative.”

Honors: NCSS/CBC Notable Book 2008.